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Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday at HIMSS13

I need to plan to leave a lot earlier. Inbound I-10 traffic is extremely heavy. Still, I made it to the morning keynote. Nice welcoming speech by Mayor Mitch.

A couple of shots.



More to come... It will no doubt be a long day extolling Innovative Collaboration for Healthcare Transformation.

Meanwhile, the cynicism is running as thick as the NOLA sewage system over on THCB comments under the Millenson piece.

For Stage 2 MU, don't assume vendors have you covered
March 04, 2013 | Diana Manos, Healthcare IT News

A packed house at the Meaningful Use Symposium held March 3 at the 2013 HIMSS Annual Conference & Exhibition couldn't help but inspire awe and possibly conjure a little concern in the hearts of those attending.

How could an incentive program, issued just a few short years ago, have as many nuances and intricacies as federal tax code? Yet that's what came to mind as extremely adept speaker Robin Raiford, research director on meaningful use for the Advisory Board Company, disseminated rapid-fire information at rapt attendees of her section of the symposium, titled "Meaningful Use Stage 2–Ready or Not, Here it Comes!"

One of her messages was, "don't procrastinate," deadlines are looming. This was closely followed by "talk to your vendors." Don't just assume your vendor is preparing you for compliance with Stage 2, Raiford said. Get the checklists, ask questions, be closely involved, lest you are caught unaware...
And, also be aware that there will likely be no Regional Extension Centers around to help, unless you're prepared to pay market consulting rates for those few that "survive" into "sustainable" offspring.

All of which assumes that the MU incentive monies survive further 2013 budget cutting.


The joint is jumpin'. Went to a very interesting "Congressional Affairs Roundtable." More on that later. Took a lot of notes. Very well attended. The Q&A ran well over. There were a lot of good comments / questions, along with a couple of lame tinfoil hat ones -- my fav was some dude's angry whine that the CMS Meaningful Use audits were "Red State / Blue State," i.e., that they were "partisan," punishing docs in the states that went GOP in 2012.

That was pretty stupid.

The exhibit halls just opened. Time to shlep around and see all the new whiz-bang. Release the hounds...

As far as you could see...

Above: Travis Broome of CMS. This was, out the entirety of the 10-tera-kazllion square feet of HIMSS13 exhibition floor space, the total ONC footprint. Wasn't even labeled "ONC." I walked two ZIP codes to get to this. Travis was congenial. Obviously thrilled to see me.

Above: Hey, EPIC shareholders, this is what some of your money paid for.

I'm seein' a Bubble here. 3.0

BTW: "Boil Water" remains in effect. Shhhh....h.h...h..h..h...


Cutting right across the first year of Meaningful Use Stage 2. CMS Link here.

Should be lovely.

More to come...

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