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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Recapping the 2017 Health 2.0 Technology for Precision Health Summit

What a delight, the Julia Morgan Ballroom.

Matthew Holt kicked things off, and then remained offstage until the wrap at the end of the day. He roamed the ballroom all day shooting smartphone pics and uploading them, basically live-tweeting the entire day. Scooped the hell out of me and my ever-more obsolete Sony alpha DSLRs.

My friend, veteran health care journalist Scott Mace showed up. Way cool. We sat together for the day.

I have some 70 photos to consider for upload. Need to also review my notes for my impressions of the day.

A ton of intellect on that stage and in the audience. A great mix of Keynotes, panel discussions, slide presentations, and demos. And, really nice to see a lot of women onstage, many of them MD and PhD entrepreneurs.

Some jots from out of my little notebook:
Claudia Williams Keynote: “Innovation Can Now Come from Anywhere”

Defining “Precision Medicine, Precision Health, Personalized Medicine”

The “Omics”
Unsustainable Growth of Health Care % of GDP 
Big Data, a “Sea of Information”

Lagging Interoperability

CDOD, “Chronic Data Obstructive Disorder”

AI, Machine Learning

Blockchain/Distributed Ledger, Bitcoin

“We’re Still Building the Plumbing”

The Criticality of Patient Engagement

Longitudinal Patient Record from ALL Sources

Obama’s Precision Medicine Initiative

Real Time Analyses of Patient-Generated Data (e.g. wearables)

Data Transparency (Public Good) vs Proprietary “Silos” (BizIntel)

“Digital Dial Tone”

The “Unknown Unknowns” of Uncollected Data

Jared Kushner, “Interoperability Summit”

“Quantum Privacy”

David Ewing Duncan, “Precision Medicine is a 10-year Overnight Success”

The “Art of Medicine”

Q&A: Overdiagnosis, False Positives, Overtreatment

Abstracting Structured Data out of Free-Text EMR Records

UPSTREAM Issues, incl. Psychosocial Elements

Tech and Clinical Science “Convergence”

Genome vs Phenome

Gartner Hype Cycle

Carlos Bustamante Keynote, Biomedical Data Science at Stanford

Safety Net, Access Issues


“Precision Advertising (Facebook), Precision Shopping (Amazon), Precision Entertainment (Streaming), but NOT Precision Health?”

Ever-More Rapidly Shrinking Doubling Time of Medical Knowledge

VC and Business Models (e.g., WEF and California PMI initiatives)
Update note: I've had to be away from finishing this post for several days, helping move my daughter's things out of storage into a 26' U-Haul truck for my grandson to drive back to Las Vegas (he made it safely). He just moved back to Las Vegas from Baltimore where he'd been working and living with our son Nick.

I will get to more detailed thoughts on the foregoing list of #tph2017 topics ASAP. Some of this stuff is not exactly news, other topics indeed are. I can probably do a paragraph of impressions on each of the foregoing.

BTW: I found it curious that there was no mention of the FCC "net neutrality" issue, in light of the potential stakes for internet-based startups.

My summary takeaway tweet.

Conference Chair Linda K. Molnar, PhD

I have some family matters to engage before finishing out this post, but in the interim the Health 2.0 staff has already published an excellent recap.

This week a group of investors, entrepreneurs, precision health researchers, and data wonks all gathered at the opulent Julia Morgan Ballroom in San Francisco for a day of sharing, charged discussion, and live technology demos. The goal of the Technology for Precision Health Summit was to shine a spotlight on advancements and opportunities within an industry where the stakes are high and the imperative to innovate is often life or death.

Linda Molnar, Co-Chair of the summit, opened the day by offering some historical context and major milestones to illustrate how we got to where we currently stand…
Very cool.

Stay tuned.


Some random photos.

Opening Keynoter Claudia Williams! Been following her since her HIE days at ONC
The esteemed journalist David Ewing Duncan
Afternoon Keynoter Carlos Bustamante of Stanford. Yikes!

An absolutely fabulous day.

Up next, save the date (same SF location): January 10th, 2018, WinterTech!

Health 2.0 WinterTech is back in 2018 during the nation's leading investment summit, JP Morgan Week, in San Francisco. WinterTech is the place for insider insights on investing trends in health care technology. By bringing together top tech companies, VCs, entrepreneurs, policy makers, and more, the fourth annual event will highlight the new and unique opportunities available in the fast-rising digital health landscape. Join us for a day packed full of insights with top CEO and VC interviews, and an exploration of the consumer landscape and the rapid rise of digital therapeutics…
apropos of WinterTech, a personal note: two years ago I mentioned the Northern Michigan startup "NeuroTrainer" launched by Dr. Jeff Nyquist (PhD, NeuroPsych, Vanderbilt).

Jeff is the husband of my dear niece April. I was recently thrilled to learn that they have secured a VC Seed Round (totally reputable yet low-profile SF firm), have leased an apartment in San Francisco, and are enroute overland as I write this. They should be here by December 21st.

I've told Jeff about WinterTech. Would love to have him attend. I'm also gonna see if I can help get him a demo slot at the 2018 AARP Innovation 50+ event.

It'll be interesting to see how their effort plays out. They have a fairly short "runway." Really glad they're coming out here, both for their business prospects and for family reasons.


Finish one book, start right in on another.


Been speed-reading (mostly keyword/phrase search driven) through the 1,097 pages of the House/Senate reconciled GOP tax cut bill that is likely to pass into law before Christmas.

How comforting. Is it too early to start drinking?

And then there's this doozy.

The George Carlin jokes just write themselves.

More to come...

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