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Thursday, March 7, 2013

HIMSS13 Thursday March 7th

Q: As the regional extension centers (RECs) conclude Stage 1 meaningful use and their federal funding winds down, how are they doing? Are there are any shining examples?

A: Oh, they’re all my stars. They are each so different. Look, we have boots on the ground that for $5,000 go into practices and help them implement EHRs, attest, and get their payments. And they do that where it’s needed most in the country. To me, it’s a story of grit and resistance. You know what scales? Grit.

Q: Will the RECs survive after the federal funding ends?

A: I don’t know that we know that yet. They will if providers believe they add value and if they deepen the services they offer. We don’t have the army we need for this [healthcare and IT] transformation and RECs can help with that.


Dr. Mostashari was especially inspiring during his morning Keynote. The debate between James Carville and Karl Rove was great fun (though, they talked a lot of politics having nothing to do with health care). Both presentations drew huge final day crowds.

First, a quick jaunt to the Quarter and Cafe du Monde...

This cat had great tone and feel.
Steve Heck, President, More on Steve and his company in a bit. We had a great chat. Very smart, accomplished man.

Above and below, another random walk through the Exhibits Hall. Lots of money and effort in many of these booths. Reminiscent of the now-defunct Comdex.

These two above are is actually shots from the SRO crowd awaiting President Clinton on Wednesday. Fire Marshals had to get involved here; people were lined up scrunched should-to-shoulder around the perimeter.
Madame Secretary introduces our ONC Rock Star Thursday morning!
He pushed back forcefully on the naysayers with data. Above, a nod to my RECs.
Above, just a thematic mood shot.
OK, final act: Carville and Rove. Wow. Lotta people hung around for this. They got a good show.

Above: OK, James, this is unfortunate. Seriously, bro'?

The Rage-in' Cajun pretty much prevailed, though he had the more receptive audience -- relatively "left-of-center" in the aggregate, particularly with respect to health care issues. And, while Mr. Rove certainly gave as good as he got during the entertaining rhetorical jousting, he is, after all, the man who burned through $300 million of OPM and rolled a donut for his trouble (and their money).

More random pics below. I still have to ID some of these HIMSS officials.

L to R: incoming and outgoing HIMSS Chairs
I have a lot more photos. This was just a quick triage culling some low hanging fruit in iPhoto on the plane ride home from NOLA.


by Joseph Goedert, HealthDataManagement
Yeah, lol. Don't forget $3.50 for bottled water. I paid $20 a day to park, too.


Above: everyone's a TV producer/director anymore. Talking heads interviews every 50 feet. Just Google "HIMSS13" on YouTube.
Above: all that's missing, I guess, is the word "Solutions." Or, how about "A New Lean Six Sigma Tradition Comprising a Transformative Paradigm in Transparent Collaborative Disruptively Agile and Aligned Healthcare Information Technology Integrative Solutions Delivering Patient-Centric ROI via Revenue Cycle Optimized EHR and HIE."



Sweet Tweet...

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