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Monday, May 20, 2013

How Fragile We Are

I've been driving all day back to LAS from Walnut Creek. Got in to witness this on the news when I got home.

Terrible. Below, a hospital in Moore, Oklahoma.

Wonder if they had EHR with offsite backup and a disaster recovery procedure? More broadly, I wonder how many of the local citizens' docs had EHR with offsite backup and a recovery px? Their REC should be able to tell that from its CRM or environmental scan data.

Well, the official death toll has been reduced by more than half, down from the fog-of-calamity estimated 51 to 24 today. When you look at the scenes of destruction, it's testament to the locals' preparation and awareness that the death toll wasn't in the hundreds or thousands.

May the rebuilding and healing proceed quickly.

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