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Sunday, December 8, 2013

#IHI25Forum Day One - Preconference

The calm before the storm. A quick blogging update while awaiting the opening orientation session.

Below, getting underway, first with the new attendees orientation session.

On to the first of the Learning Lab session.

This was very good. Disappointed that it was only sparsely attended. I counted only 14, including me.

Below. from the much better attended "Building an Integrated Approach to Lean, Six Sigma, and the Model for Improvement."

Above, a low-tech but effective way to visualize reaction to two questions concerning QI methods. Both skewed toward disagreement (click the images to enlarge).

This presenter took a rather disparaging shot at "Lean," asserted that a lot of organizations choose Lean methodology because it's "easy" and "simple." It may be conceptually simple (a virtue, IMO), but it's anything but simple to deploy effectively. And, when practiced adroitly, it's all the more effective for its simplicity.

Below, ran into this fellow in the press room. Hawking his book. He said he's an oral surgeon.

His website masthead fervently claims "Health Care Experts DO NOT Want You To Read These Books."


I'm seriously overdressed at "business casual" (with a tie). Lots of flip-flops, t-shirts, shorts and denims. Hey, it's Florida.

More to come...

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