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Monday, March 17, 2014


I'm a Cassidy on one side of the family lineage. Affiliated with the Hell's Kitchen waterfront gangsters (my great uncle Zack) who fought with the Italians over control of the piers (see the book "The Westies" and the Sean Penn movie "State of Grace"). ("Gladd" comes from the England-to-Canada "Gladstone" emigres.)

Have a safe and happy Saint Paddy's Day.
So, U2 is giving a concert in Ireland. Bono starts slowly clapping his hands above his head, and says to the crowd, "every time I clap my hands, a starving child dies in Africa."

From the crowd comes a drunken response: "Well, then stop fookin' dooooin' it, ya fookin' tosser!'


More to come...

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