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Friday, May 16, 2014

I'd planned to put up a thoughtful, meaningful post today, but...

Nah. Today is the day that our nation's capitol was be be occupied by a reported 10 to 30 million "patriots" intent on "forcibly removing" the President and a long list of congressional leaders from office, at the behest of some group calling itself "Operation American Spring" (they eventually dialed back the "forcible" part that was central to the initial proffer).

Well, what would be the point, in light of the incipient overthrow of the government? So, I turned to Photoshop for a bit of OTC medications fun.

Turnout was disappointing, by all accounts, but, hey, all several hundred or so actual attendees got a free tube. ;)

The twitter hashtag #AmericanSpringExcuses is pretty funny.

More to come. Back on topic shortly...

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