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Monday, June 30, 2014

The final day of the current SCOTUS term

Today comes the final day SCOTUS term decision in the controversial "Hobby Lobby" case, one deciding whether the "religious views of a corporation" (a proxy for those of its owners) trump the contraceptive mandate provisions of the PPACA (pejoratively, "ObamaCare").

Two years ago, they narrowly upheld the PPACA. This goofy song just fell right out of my head in about 15 seconds in reaction. I tried to give it my best Springsteen, with mixed results.

 UPDATE: Hobby Lobby prevails, 5-4. Narrow decision, not The End of Western Civilization As We Know It. Nonetheless, the ruling is yet another blow against the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, insofar as it "carves out" a religion-based exception for complying with equal protection via provision of the otherwise legal medical services that only women have need of.

The SCOTUS majority ruled that the government had options available to achieve the desired end (coverage of the morally controversial yet lawful womens' health tx's) that should have been used under RFRA (the Religious Freedom Restoration Act).

I agree. It's called Single Payer. Take employers out of the health care intermediation business. Do away with "employer mandate" and "individual mandate" entirely.

I know...

More to come.

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