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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Google Ventures on investing in the healthcare space

Interesting interview.

I have no idea why the the embedded iFrame came out so small here. There are no end-user adjustable parameters in the underlying iFrame html code. 

Link to the original Bloomberg article here. Alternatively, you can also click the little 4-arrows "expand-to-full-screen" icon in the lower right corner of the video (hover over that area).

Pretty harsh assessment of Theranos commences at 03:30. Recall my prior coverage of the Theranos controversy here, here, and here.

Lots of other stuff to report on: MU, Interop, ICD-10, AHRQ, Theranos (the gift that keeps giving), more Omics stuff, etc. Maybe after I get back from RadOnco. I'm getting short. Only 4 Calypso IMRT tx sessions left out of the 45. I finish next Tuesday, the 10th. I'm a bit behind. Took some time out to go the Minnesota for my Grandson's final home football game at St. Olaf (he's a senior).


From The Neurologica Blog:
The Ben Carson Contradiction

By all accounts, Ben Carson is a brilliant pediatric neurosurgeon. He was the Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital until he retired, and received the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his surgical achievements...
Carson is also evidence that people who hold extreme or anti-scientific beliefs are not necessarily stupid. Belief in pseudoscience and the paranormal is not about general intelligence. It is about the human tendency to form and maintain beliefs for a variety of social, cultural, and personal reasons...
What we can conclude about Carson is that he is not systematically following a valid intellectual process in forming his beliefs. He has no problem dismissing the opinion of experts and scientists, and substituting his own poorly-informed hunches. Obviously this is a disturbing trait in someone running for high office.
So much for the "transfer of training" argument. Dr. Carson is a one-man refutation.

More to come...

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