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Friday, June 17, 2016

#HCSummit16 Day Two: We're all Shook up.

Beginning with the end in mind, John Shook's closing Keynote was worth the entire trip.

A natural communicator, this man. I hope they make the video of this talk available publicly.
Lean means working on the work: the value-creating work that occurs on the frontlines of your enterprise. - John Shook, June 11, 2015
Lots more to reflect on and write up. I'm on my way home to California. Stay tuned.


apropos of Lean process QI,

Fundamentally, among the "process errors" we must be ever-vigilant against are dx errors, no? From THCB:
The National Academy of Medicine’s report offers an immediate suggestion to improve health care diagnosis today: teamwork. The same principle that rules sporting arenas and playgrounds across the world can reduce the number of diagnostic errors. The practice of medicine has traditionally been a lonely and risky competition. Doctors are used to calling the odds and making diagnoses without input from other members of the team, and nurses and physician assistants are taught not to question them. If a physician makes a mistake, there is a culture of blame, shame and fear of litigiousness, which makes it less likely that individuals will speak up or report a diagnostic error.

But better teamwork achieves much more than merely changing professional norms or local work culture...
'eh? You can spend 50-some bucks for the hardcopy or Kindle version via Amazon, or avail yourself of the free (if a bit unwieldy) National Academies PDF, which I've posted for your convenience. A long read. 450 pages. I've just started my close study. Of particular interest will be the Health IT - clinical cognition nexus. See, e.g., my May post "Technology, particularly the technology of knowledge, shapes our thought."

And, will triangulate what I learn with these two books previously cited on KHIT:


Cheryl DeMar
Norm Gruber
Mark Graban
Tim Johnson

More to come...

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