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Sunday, December 18, 2016

A quick note of thanks to KHIT readers

Earlier this month I thought that perhaps this blog would get to 600,000 hits by the end of December. Launched my MacAir this morning at 9:02 when I got up. Lordy.

My traffic has been on a significant upspike for the past 2 weeks or so. Not sure as to the cause(s), but I am grateful for you readers. The recent accelerated traffic spurt looks to have begun with my post about Trump HHS Secretary nominee Tom Price (committed ObamaCare, Medicare, and women's reproductive rights foe), then on to my latest on the continuing woes of Theranos (regarding which there will be more shortly; their sorry QA data deserve an entire post), followed by my post about the fabulous new Michael Lewis book The Undoing Project on the lives and important work of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky, and finally my most recent post on the Donald Trump-Silicon Valley CEO Trump Tower "Summit."

All I can say is a "sincere thanks" for continuing to stop by. I'll keep at it. I don't do this for money; I just continue to do it because it's important -- no sponsors or other "monetization." The overlapping topics of Health IT (including coding/database platforms, mHealth, UX, HIE, and hardy perennial misnomer "interoperability"), Biomed Tech, health care delivery and economics, "upstream" issues (apropos of "population health"), workflow, organizational culture, leadership, startups and venture capital, intellectual property, privacy and security, clinical cognition, clinical pedagogy, clinical science, genomics, analytics, policy and law...

No shortage of relevant subject matter and contentious issues.


I will again be there. Register here.

Below, the next day (January 12th), the NorCal HIMSS Chapter is hosting a one-day event in Santa Clara.

From the email I got:
Come hear leading innovation physicians and national clinical HIT innovation experts offer forward leaning perspectives that include:
  • Innovation thinking from outside healthcare to transform personalized health and patient engagement through digital, mobile and the cloud.
  • Genomic and IOT - behavioral, clinical and genetic data capture/analysis - Intel's "inside-out model."
  • How formal collaboration optimizes "inside-out" commercialization, research and tech transfer, and venture fund approaches to bringing ideas to fruition and fertile markets.
  • Generating actionable insights and speeding innovation by continually looking at new and better ways to manage data
  • Understand how machine learning can be woven into existing population health and personalized care business intelligence and analytics efforts.
Who should attend: C-Level, Physicians, Nursing Informaticists, IT professionals, health innovation leadership, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, startups and anyone involved with and passionate about improving the delivery of care.
I asked for a press pass. I don't think they're gonna grant me one. Got an equivocal response (after having to bypass their broken "event organizer contact" template on the conference pitch page), asking how much I would do to promote the event in advance (just a tad late, 'eh?), but never answering my media pass question.

Maybe my timing was unfortunate, in light of my snarky, tangentially "off-topic" prior post.

Pretty sleepy over at the NorCalHIMSS TwitterVerse. Last tweet was about 10 months ago?

Whatever. There's lots else to do. Just FYI anyway, in case you might want to attend.



Below, duh: it occurs to me that I have long been remiss, and need to join the Health 2.0 San Francisco Chapter and contribute.

I just put a permanent link in the right hand links column.

More to come...

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