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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

An "Innovation" Oopsie

So, I got a new Twitter Follow, and, as is my custom after just a quick bit of relevance and authenticity vetting, I reciprocated.

OK, I'll bite. Curious, despite knowing that the requisite "registration" form meant that I'd be getting pitched thereafter, despite my being a mere solo independent ankle-biting health care space blogger.

Corporate "Change Management" (remember that?) is by now long passe. We need Disruptive, Transformational Innovation Management.

Suppressing just a slight waft of a Jim Kwik Moment, I attempted to register.

Okeee-dokeee, then.

Below: at the outset of this encounter (after they got the registration form to work), This was rich.

Whatever, bro's. I thereupon substituted an email alias that bounces off one of my websites to my Comcast ISP inbox, and that worked, notwithstanding that it's the same destination.

Didn't matter (see above). Zip. Zilch. Nada. Nyet.

I expect they'll fix this mess straight away. I had other stuff to tend to.

My Twitter relationship with these peeps may well quickly go the way of my short-lived ZIPcode Wilmington mutual hang. They dropped me like a broken radioisotope container.

BTW: This Jeremiah Owyang fellow is all over YouTube.

OK, my Jim Kwik Moment is allayed. Notwithstanding the profuse Silicon Valley jargon.

It will not surprise me one whit to soon see an Irony-Free Zone pitch for "Creativity Management Software."

BTW: On "disruption," see my 2017 New Year's Day post.


Trying to get back on pace with my reading.

The "Handbook of Computational Linguistics..." in particular will make your head spin.

Specifically interesting in potential apps for "NLU" (Natural Language Understanding). The "Natural Language Generation" part of NLP is way further along (e.g., turning "data" into narrative text/language via "AI").

May have to dust off my ancien coding chops and learn Python.

Stay tuned.

More to come...

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