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Monday, August 28, 2017

Hurricane Harvey and its terrible continuing aftermath

Just wow. Been following developments on the news all weekend. I have friends there. I'd planned to next write about Natural Language Processing in the context of the latest Patent Troll lawsuit. It can wait a bit.

This eclipses Hurricane Katrina. It's mid-day Monday as I post this, and the torrential rain and flood emergency persists and worsens (and is probably going to impact New Orleans by week's end). I am reminded of my posts about Katrina a year ago, When does "practicing medicine" become "Playing God?" and Shards writ large. Health care fragmentation disaster response implications.

Everyone schlepping around in that sewage and chemical soup "water" might want to have hepatitis shots.

to wit,
Hurricane Harvey May Leave Behind Health Hazards in Water
The Houston Hospital Running Out of Food
Ben Taub Hospital is surrounded by water, and an evacuation attempt failed Sunday night.


Unreal. Below, downtown Houston underwater.


More to come...

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