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Sunday, October 1, 2017

October 1st: welcome to the 2017 Health 2.0 Conference

I first covered the Conference in October 2012. Been here every year since. Thank you Indu and Matthew for the press passes!

Two years ago I was in the middle of daily radiation treatment for prostate cancer up in Pleasant Hill, and still had to attend every day, driving up the 680 mid-morning to get zapped and then back down to make it for the afternoon sessions.
Personal note: across the past week I got a number of email queries from PR reps for a number of attending companies asking for interview face time. I had no time to respond, for which I apologize (I'd put the incoming emails in their own folder on my desktop iMac, but just ran out of time to deal with them). Had to close out my ailing daughter's apartment and put her stuff in storage, after which she had her 11th round of chemo Wednesday - Friday. Been a totally crazy week. Maybe we can still hook up, minimally in the exhibit hall.
Looking forward to a great Conference.


Some random shots from pre-Conference Symposium Day.

From my iPhone in the Hyatt lobby
Up at 6, need lattes...

Futurist Joe Flower kills the opening Keynote.

Joe's Periodic Table of health care metaphor

I've reviewed both of his books on this blog. A health care Zen Master. I've commented on Joe's work multiple times here.

Below, UCSF's gracious Dr. Aenor Sawyer moderated a panel.

We first met back during the San Francisco March for Science. Just struck up a random conversation. Happily so.

More shots...

The aggregate theme of the day was the Points of View of Providers and provider organizations as they go to the tech developer / startup community. Were I in tech development, I'd be finding it invaluable. Great panels.

Below, the moderator of Provider Symposium day, Shahid Shah.

I found the "Physician Burnout" presentation extremely interesting.

Lamenting the "productivity treadmill" syndrome, with its burdensome EHR overdocumentation compliance mandate. No easy answers here.

More to come...

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