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Friday, April 20, 2018

"Happy 4/20 Day"

OK, so, this "420" is a "thing" now.

There is a bit of news on the underlying topic today, from Ars Technica:
Here are the types of marijuana best for stress and anxiety, according to users
For depression, use may exacerbate symptom severity over time.
BETH MOLE - 4/20/2018

By passively monitoring user-generated data from medical cannabis patients, researchers have glimpsed the types and amounts of marijuana that seem effective for relieving symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. The findings could direct more detailed research into the best strains for specific conditions. But the data also hints at a danger of using marijuana to manage depression symptoms in the long term.

The study, published this week in the Journal of Affective Disorders by researchers at Washington State University, is based on data from a medical cannabis app called Strainprint, which lets patients track symptom severity after medical cannabis use. Before that, users enter detailed information about the strain of marijuana used, including selecting specific products from a list of those sold by licensed medical cannabis distributors in Canada. Health Canada has uniquely strict production and quality control guidelines for products sold there. But if a patient is using a product not on the list, they can manually input information about the strain, including cannabinoid content.

The researchers looked at data from nearly 1,400 medical cannabis users, analyzing outcomes from almost 12,000 inhalation sessions. The researchers kept their analysis just to sessions involving inhalation (smoking, vaping, concentrates, dab bubbler, dab portable), to try to control—at least a little—for efficacy and timing of the onset of effects…
Not sure about the quality of the "science" there.

I could damn sure use some stress relief these days.

Below, from a prior post of mine.

Then there are my prior posts about our poignantly ignorant Attorney General Jeff Sessions. But, current news has his boss undermining him yet again:
"Marijuana industry poised for supercharged growth thanks to President Trump"
Whatever works to help get Robert Mueller, Michael Cohen, and Stormy Daniels out of the news.

Also apropos, from the first chapter of my 1998 graduate Thesis on the "drug testing" scam industry.

I guess overall we're making progress, net. But the idiots have hardly gone away.

Anyway, "Happy 4/20 Day."


A bit of long-past-the-statute-of-limitations full disclosure I posted in 2006.

Also, a "cannabis industry writer" I just ran across over at Medium, Los Angeles based Amanda Chicago Lewis.

More to come...

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