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Monday, December 31, 2018

My 2018 in 3 words: grief, gratitude, and anger

It's obviously more complex than that (and there is some overlap among these categories), but those three words come most readily, succinctly to mind.

Still trying to wrap my head around having now lost both of my daughters to cancer. I lived for my kids. See "A tale of two sisters."

There will be much more of their stories to tell. One task for 2019.

April 27th, 2018, about 5 hours before Danielle peacefully departed this life.
Since 2017 I've also lost a number of long-time dear friends -- Kurt Kolstad, Mike Kinder, Rick Stevens, and Joey Turner. Those losses continue to sting. But, we all have to deal with such pain. Look out over any crowd, there's a lot more quiet mourning happening all the time than we might unreflectively assume.

First, everyone in our family and huge circle of friends stepped up for us repeatedly without fail across the wrenching course of Danielle's illness and death. I can never thank you all enough.
Second, my wife and best friend of nearly 45 years -- she, the Former Evil Stepmother Now Beatified -- did most of the heavy lifting, especially toward the end. I got sole custody of the girls in 1974. Cheryl has been with me every step of the way. I am not worthy (BTW, today's her birthday. Happy Birthday, sweetie!).

Finally, my cardiologist (who prefers to not be named), my heart surgeon Dr. Ramesh Veeragandham, and the entire Muir team who saved my life. I was headed for either a stroke or fatal heart failure. Ironically, the entire experience was the least stressful episode of the year. I discharged early from cardiac rehab PT on December 18th. My cardiologist told me on the 14th "I don't need to see you for a year." He also told me my getting back into my absurd full-court pickup Jones is a realistic goal. Check Ball...

Build a wall, indeed. The less said about this absurd human wrecking ball, the better. One "Angry Democrat" here, that's for sure.

Wishing you all a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2019. I hope to be Busking in Baltimore by summer, and hanging with our son Matt and his fabulous Eileen.


I would be remiss to not shout out special thanks to Eileen's delightful aunt Maggie Sam Sheehan and her equally delightful partner Dr. George Brouillet for their gracious hospitality and friendliness over the Christmas holiday. Just wow.


Oh, and Roll TIDE!

I'm Ranger, and I approved this blog post.

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