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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Among the hazards of becoming an MD

"In America, becoming a doctor can prove fatal. Suicide is estimated to be the second leading cause of death among medical residents, after cancer. (In contrast, the leading cause of death in the general population for that age group — 25 to 40 — is trauma.) Suicide statistics for young doctors are difficult to track because many deaths go unreported as such. But we know that 300 to 400 American doctors complete suicide each year, twice the rate of the general population..."
From The Boston Globe. Think about that. Read the entire piece closely.

From "Can medicine be cured?"
"You might argue that the happiness and morale of doctors is of no concern to anyone outside the profession and their families: this has been the view of politicians, managers and the media. A functioning health-care system, however, cannot exist without a strong and well-supported medical profession..."

O'Mahony, Seamus. Can Medicine Be Cured? Head of Zeus. Kindle Edition, location 2104.

More to come...

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