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Friday, March 13, 2020

#COVID19: Our National Emergency declares a National Emergency

Trump holding a Friday the 13th White House Rose Garden Presser starting at 3:30 pm. The "National Emergency" Devils will be in the details. I hope the media will do their jobs and be on the vigilant lookout for the inevitable Trump Swamp grift.

Developing story. Stay tuned.

Random stuff: Today I played my last day of pickup hoops for now at the Towson BYKOTA Senior Center. They've been ordered to close indefinitely by the Maryland Governor. The Towson YMCA I recently joined has closed indefinitely. The 2020 Baltimore Science Fair I've been involved with has been canceled. The nation is rapidly shutting down. NY Governor Cuomo warned today that we may be looking at a nationally massive 6-9 months' disruption. Many small businesses will quite likely fail.

News reports tonight show widespread panic shopping. I've not added to the problem, which could leave me SOL.

In light of all the imprecise Presser blather about coronavirus "testing," I will soon update my prior riff on lab QA. Myriad issues remain glossed over.

Weeks ago, the global mortality rate of COVID19 confirmed cases was 3.4%. Trump dismissively insisted that it was much lower than that, and would decline even further.

It is now slightly more than 3.7%, according to Hopkins data.


The paper goods shelves at my local Giant supermarket mid-day. The breads shelves were picked clean as well. Eggs were also all gone from the refrig dairy aisle, and elsewhere canned and dry goods were disappearing rapidly.


More to come...

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