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Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Flatten the #COVID19 curve, yeah, but "raise the line" as well.

Easier said than done midstream in a pandemic.

That's all great as far as it goes. A comment I left on Facebook relating to this topic:
The abiding historical, and speculative future problem is one of deciding what constitutes “sufficient” capacity? In a capitalist private market your executive priority is to fill the hospital beds, the airplane seats, the hotel rooms, etc. Spare capacity is toxic to the bottom line.

The “free market” that Trump otherwise loudly loves has been doing what it’s intended to do.

Recall how Trump peevishly said “I’m a businessman,“ and that he could just snap his fingers and get all the resources he needed at will. But, a “just in time” public health pandemic response infrastructure simply doesn’t exist on call. Like just about everything else, this escapes him.
Interesting interview with Science Magazine's Jon Cohen on PBS this morning:


apropos of my recent rants about lab QA and Covid19 "testing," seems there are R&D QA issues with the fast-tracked "antibody / immunity" assays as well. Stay tuned.

More to come...

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