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Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Cuckoo for Covid Puffs

Looks likes it's gonna be The Stupid on Steroids Week.

A Facebook friend posted the above yesterday. I cropped out her name. She's a really nice person, an excellent documentary filmmaker. But, she's clueless on this topic.

FB was ablaze with this crap yesterday. It continues today. Oh, the "Freedom of Speech" indignation!

Let's start a new hashtag, "#CuckooForCovidPuffs." Also, recall "Occam's Chainsaw."

I first came into personal contact with medical quackery in 1996 during my late elder daughter's cancer ordeal. I do not suffer these fools gladly.


By the editor of The Lancet, Richard Horton.

...At press conference after press conference, government ministers and their medical and scientific advisors described the deaths of their neighbours as ‘unfortunate’. But these were not unfortunate deaths. They were not unlucky, inappropriate or even regrettable. Every death was evidence of systematic government misconduct – reckless acts of omission that constituted breaches in the duties of public office.

I edit a medical journal, The Lancet, which found itself a conduit between medical scientists desperately trying to understand COVID-19 and politicians and policymakers charged with responding to the pandemic. As we read and published the work of these remarkable frontline workers, I was struck by the gap between the accumulating evidence of scientists and the practice of governments. As this space grew larger, I became angry. Missed opportunities and appalling misjudgements were leading to the avoidable deaths of tens of thousands of citizens. There had to be a reckoning.

This book is their story.

Horton, Richard. The COVID-19 Catastrophe (pp. viii-ix). Wiley. Kindle Edition
Just got it. Stay tuned.


Finished the book. Highly recommended. More thoughts shortly.


Former GOP Presidential candidate Herman Cain recently attended Trump's Tulsa OK MAGA rally.

He just died. COVID19. No comment necessary.


Okeee-dokeee, then. Just seen on Facebook. SMH.

But, wait! There's more!


More to come...

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