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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Two years in Baltmore

Two years ago on April 15th, 2019 we pulled up to the curb at our new digs in the Baltimore Homeland District after an 8-day 2-car overland convoy shlep from California, dogs and cats in tow. Having lost both of our daughters to cancers, we wanted to be close to Matt, our surviving child, who has settled here and has now married.

My subsequent Twitter banner.

Today our new Grandson Calvin is 15 months old.

Three days a week now we run the in-home Calvin Archer Gladd Graycare Center. Heart Happy Family, indeed. What a total joy he is.


We now have a new resident nesting on our front porch, in one of Cheryl's hanging flower pots..

Right by our front door. Nice.


  1. Wow Bobby,you a bit of a celebrity, just seeing a few things about you, wish I had heard you play, you know alot of my favorites. Give us a shout your next throwdown, would live to bring family to enjoy! Hugs for your two Angels in heaven, and congrats on grandson!!!! And. Pleasure to work for you sir! Brian n wendy

    1. Hello -

      Thank you. Sorry for missing your comment. I get a ton of spam comments.