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Sunday, June 20, 2021

Jonathan Bush,

he's BA-A-A-aaaa-aaack!

From Forbes:

Over the past two decades, the government has tried and failed to create a unified medical record system in the United States. The idea sounds easy enough: if a patient ends up in an emergency room on vacation in Florida, the doctor should be able to access their medical history in New York. In the aughts, state and local governments started to build towards this, but efforts  largely lost momentum without the funding needed to build and maintain the infrastructure to warehouse such huge troves of data.

Jonathan Bush, the punchy and oft irreverent cofounder of Athenahealth, is betting the ever-growing army of new digital health startups has finally created the market conditions to make such a system work—and he plans to build it. His new venture, the Watertown, Massachusetts-based Zus, launched Thursday with $34 million in funding led by Andreessen Horowitz. Bush thinks he has the key to unlock the door that’s stymied the likes of Google, Microsoft and Intel.    

While technically Bush only started self-funding Zus around six months ago, in many ways it’s the same vision he’s been working towards since cofounding Athenahealth in 1999...

"Punchy?" LOL.  Hit rewind for 8 years.

I got to attend a 2015 JP Morgan Week dinner he hosted back when I was still covering Health IT events (a bit of video link rot in that post). Last time I saw him was a year later at WinterTech.


“Creating the industry’s first shared development platform backed by a shared data record, Zus aims to bring about a better health data reality by empowering a wave of new, digital-first healthcare builders who will create digital health technologies and services that are cheaper, more customizable and more personalized. This new digital health vanguard is NOT composed of data hoarders who seek to monetize access to proprietary information, but rather those who believe in the network effect of data sharing. The new community of innovators assume as fundamental that the greatest potential comes from using modern technology not just to help with care, but to revolutionize it. This vision drives Zus to proactively connect the largest array of traditional medical providers to novel health data sources so that health data becomes frictionless to use.”Yahoo Finance
I've thus far combed through the Zus website. To their credit, no mention of "blockchain." Though, my "interoperababble" misgivings linger.
Hmmm... smells like Teen Blockchain? ("...never overwritten")

BTW, I can see I'm egregiously out of date on my IT jargon / cliches. "Stack," to this old 3GL/4GL programmer referred to the stacks and registers on chips that assembly language coders wrote to.

From a Twitter comment response I posted,
"So, Zus is a B2B intending to serve the #healthIT startup space, and sustained via their #VentureCapital money. Ja?"
Erratum: Thoughts on athenaHealth and EHRs back in 2014.

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