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Friday, March 17, 2023

Silicon Valley Bank

Sniff... They were Making The World a Better Place.

Let us rewind to a July 2017 KHIT post...

First, from my fav, the insanely over-the-top, (painfully and scatalogically) hilarious Silicon Valley HBO.

After watching that entire 4-season series (many episodes numerous times), I still now have doubts I can continue to cover Health IT sector events with a straight face.
I covered the Healthcare Startup Space for a number of years. Mostly, but not exclusively Silicon Valley/Bay Area-ish.
Yeah, "making the world a better place." For some people, 'eh? 



The Nicholas Humphrey book came to me via a New Yorker article. Adrian Bardon's book via a 1-star negative Amazon review of another book covering similar topics. I tweeted about the Humphrey book (I'm about 60% through it at the moment).

Stay tuned...

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