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Monday, May 13, 2024


In January 2018 our son was working in Sacramento for his Baltimore-based company, staying with us in Antioch CA (East Bay, Contra Costa County, Antioch). Driving home through Sacramento Delta back roads late one night, he almost ran over this stray dog, a 70 lb chocolate lab mix. No tags, no chip, piece of raggedy rope for a "collar."  We tried assiduously to find an owner. No luck.
He's been with Cheryl and I ever since. "Ranger." Great, amiable dog, but increasingly aggressive with other critters. We moved to Baltimore in 2019, and have had recurrent frantic Code Red Great Escape episodes involving him, notwithstanding our constant vigilance.
Last week while a painting contractor crew was here working on our house exterior, one of them left a side gate unlatched. Ranger, having been cooped up in his travel crate all day, got loose when I let him out to pee, and attacked my nearby neighbor's 18 yr old cat Monty. We are aghast. Monty had to be put down. Our neighbors were way more gracious than the episode warranted. Chris, Carrie, we are SO sorry.

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