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Thursday, June 27, 2024

The Daze of Our Lives...

131 days to the Nov 5th U.S. elections.
3,007 days since I first posted about candidate Donald Trump. Zero days to the first Biden-Trump "debate."
[Below] I first posted about candidate Trump on April 3rd, 2016
Where’s the “Pre-Crimes Unit” when you need one?

Put aside the endless onslaught of reflexively arrogant, belligerent, and vulgar P.T. Barnum bombast. Forget the neurotic, tellingly insecure “The-Beautiful-Thing-About-Me-Is-I’m-REALLY-Rich” fixation, replete with gauche, ostentatiously cheesy gold-plated fixtures and escalators, and the “Finest Polished Marble.” Never mind the (made in China) monogrammed shirts and pastel silk ties, redolent of arriviste exhibitionist 60’s Manhattan throwback 4-Color Glossy tabloid “Style and Elegance.” Forget the creepy, objectifying, lecherous “Nice Tits,” “Down on Your Knees” sash, bikini, big hair, and spike heels misogyny. Forget that everyone who dares dispute Him is “A Loser,” “Weak,” “Stupid,” “A Moron,” “Disgusting,” “3rd-Rate,” “A Stiff,” “A Dope,” “A Low-Life” — someone to perhaps be the target of the latest 500 million dollar empty Trump lawsuit threat du jour.

Let pass the patently phony “I’m a Strong Evangelical” whose “favorite book” is “da BIBLE!” Forget the low-intellect Moths-To-The-Flame Totem comprising that stupidass Mexican Wall proposal. Forget the equally phony “I Have Many, Many Great Friends Here in ______________.” Forget the blindingly obvious time-worn boiler room grift M.O. of “Trump University®,” “Trump Network®,” “Trump Baja Ocean Resort®,” and “Trump Institute®.” Put aside that in the net worth ranking of world billionaires he’s a rounding error (Update: I’ve coined the hashtag “#BiglyFakeBillionaire”).

Forget his eye-rollingly fatuous “only rich people should be allowed to play golf.”

Forget that “maybe protestors should get roughed up.” “Maybe I’ll pay the [attackers’] legal expenses.”

Forget that “women must be punished” (well, uh, maybe not, at least until after Wisconsin).

Put aside all of that, along with the the rest of the maudlin, panoramic accruing expanse of its kindred lowbrow, cognitive-pollution Time Share Closer bullshit (see, btw, Harry Frankfurt’s instructive book “On Bullshit”).

Focus on, remember, and act against the truly important stuff.

Call them our Pre-Crimes Portents.
He’s dog-whistling war crimes. Without much subtlety, as is his style…

That was eight years ago. It's only gotten recursively worse. 
I am SO sick of Donald Trump.


Six episodes, roughly one hour each. [Update] I just finished all 6 episodes. Episode Two (the concomitant rise of German & Italian populist Fascism) is disturbingly comparable to our current times.

, new book by Anne Applebaum coming in July.


An unmitigated disaster for President Biden. Depressing.
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Watching the president at the first debate was at times almost physically uncomfortable

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The alternative is too horrible to contemplate.

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Those who have cared for Biden the longest cannot allow him to continue

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Two presidential candidates argue about who’s better at hitting a ball.
Nobody wins

Dropping Out Is Biden’s Most Patriotic Option

If he believes that Trump is a unique threat, the choice is clear

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Biden needs to step aside—for the sake of his own dignity, for the good of his party, for the future of the country

The Unadorned Truth About Donald Trump
We must treat him like any other candidate for high office who is emotionally and mentally unstable

Trump Should Never Have Had This Platform

The debate was a travesty—because its whole premise was to treat a failed coup leader as a legitimate candidate for the presidency

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