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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

$22.9 billion in MU payments through March 2014

Data just released. Billions with a "B":

Notice the aggregated registrant counts for 2011 and 2012, after which they only give monthly registrations for 2013. Hmmm... 123,648 Medicare EPs in 2011, and 113,658 in 2012, for example. Maybe they just don't want you to easily see the dramatic fall-off in 2013 registrants. There were only 54,062 Medicare docs registered for MU in 2013, less than half, relative to 2012.

In fairness, there's been an uptick thus far in 2014: 19,237 through Q1. Last Chance for Romance, I guess.

Below, another interesting graphic, this one from a HITPC presentation.

Early adopter attrition. Pretty severe, I would think. Twenty five percent of 2011 Attesters bailed in 2012 after picking up their Yeah 1 Stage 1 money? What cannot be clear at this point is how many of the 2011 cohort who made it through 2013 will stick around for the relative chump change of Stage 2 Year 1.

Also unclear form the above is the Medicare vs Medicaid mix of the dropouts. Are a significant proportion of them the Free Money "A/I/U" registrants? On the Medicaid side, recall, an EP or EH can take "a year off."

More to come...

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