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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Docs vs Glocks

Above, a WDBJ morning news anchor at the precise moment of horrified, bewildered, dawning disbelief at what she's just witnessed from a remote live interview feed.

I'd not planned on posting today. Got two new books to read. But I awoke to news of a live on-camera shooting in Virginia, where a disgruntled former employee of CBS affiliate WDBJ walked up and murdered a reporter and her cameraman while they were interviewing a local Chamber of Commerce official at a lakeside shopping locale.

Most grotesquely of all, he'd mounted a GoPro camera (or smartphone in video mode) on himself and video'd and then uploaded all of it. The YouTube was quickly taken down, but I saw the entire thing before it was deleted. He fired two volleys of about 8 shots each, pausing, I assume, to reload a second clip in his semi-automatic pistol. He also hit the woman being interviewed. Reports are that she survived and is now out of surgery.

As I write, the gunman, Vester Lee Flanagan II, is reported to have shot himself as he was about to be apprehended. Not clear at this point whether he remains alive. (Update: he died after being airlifted to a hospital.)

I am just aghast. And, depressingly, it's unlikely that anything will ever change. The NRA will continue to thwart all rational gun control efforts. e.g., Google "Docs vs Glocks." The Manly Moron Militias will continue to delusionally roam. I've gotten death threats for mocking them.

I will continue to mock the insanity.

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