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Friday, July 12, 2019

Coming soon, the 2019 Health 2.0 Conference
My years covering Health 2.0 events were the most fun and educational times. So many smart, energetic people. I lament no longer covering the health tech space in person.

Loved doing my conference photography.
Where are we today? One critical eval over at TechCrunch:
Digital health is growing fast — but at what cost?
Chris Hogg @cwhogg

Silicon Valley is obsessed with growth. And for digital health startups, that obsession is not only misguided, but dangerous.
The prevailing idea in the tech industry is that to succeed, you have to be ready to sell your idea, no matter how far along your idea really is. You’re encouraged to believe in your product even when there is no product to believe in.

And if you’re disrupting the mattress industry or the eyewear sector, maybe that’s okay.

But digital health startups must be held to a different and higher standard. We touch people’s lives, often when they are at their most vulnerable.

The healthcare startups in the news recently — Theranos, uBiome, Nurx, eClinicalWorks, Practice Fusion — seem to have lost sight of that crucial standard. We’ll never know every detail of what happened in these organizations, but one thing seems clear: In the pursuit of growth, they have put the patient second, and suffered as a result…
"Money, money, money, money..."


Stay tuned. I'm never gonna get caught up.


Our "new home" in Baltimore (built in 1935) has a finished basement (where our dogs now hang). It's very quiet. I moved my 27" iMac and peripherals down there today.

Mucho podcasting soon to ensue. Done it before, when I lived in Las Vegas. That was all music stuff. Upcoming will be different. Science/tech policy related topics mostly.

More to come...

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