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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day One Health 2.0, full on

First thing we saw this morning at daybreak as Cheryl was taking me to the BART station. The view up the hill from her back yard. And, the day has gotten even better from there.

Jean Luc Neptune MD MBA, Sr. VP Health 2.0 Con
Co-Chair and CEO Indu Sabaiya
Matthew Holt, Co-Chair
Kaiser Permanente Chief Communications Officer Diane Gage Lofgren: "Let's welcome our first Keynote Speaker Jim Flower." Chief Communications Officer Diane Gage Lofgren.

Keynoter Joe Flower, awesome.

Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini, keynoter. Very interesting presentation as well.

More shortly. I have had a great, great, busy day, and have more to report on than I can get to tonight.


I hit the trifecta and then some yesterday. I was sitting in the press room working on some of my shots, when who walks in and plops down next to me?

Doc Gurley!

OMG! Dr. Jan Gurley, one of my total heroes! Click her name, read up on her.

"Doc Gurley is a Board-certified Internist physician and the only Harvard Medical School graduate to have been awarded a Shoney’s Ten-Step Pin for documented excellence in waitressing."
This year’s Health 2.0 codeathon was markedly different from last year’s because the global competition judging was up first – the first ever Developers World Cup. Teams from as far away as Fukushima and Stockholm had flown in for this final judging. My fellow judges include Sastry Nanduri, Gretchen Wustrack, Forrest King from Novartis, Michelle Snyder, and Unity Stoakes. Many people have been here since yesterday morning. Indu Subaiya (CEO of Health 2.0) remarked on how far things have come since the very first codeathon on the Google campus. The room was full of milling stress. People sat, then stood, then twitched as they waited for their mere 5 minutes to explain all the work, and heart and sleepless creativity they’d shoved into a brand new piece of life-changing technology.
 We have corresponded by email every now and then, but I have always read her articles in the Chronicle assiduously. I have always just been a soon-forgotten name in her in-box.

Lordy Mercy! I am blessed.

My day kept on. J.D. Kleinke? What?!!

He saw me coming and shouted "BobbyGEEE" when he saw my badge. Nice. Recall my post "Use Case"? See also my September 30th post.

A few more random shots.

The exhibit hall is buzzing.
My "Big Boss," ONC head Dr. Farzad Mostashari. He smiled and told me he follows my tweets (I'd thought he might have been irritated with me). He fielded some hard shots during the Q and A, but handled them all with grace and enthusiasm.

Above, Dr. Pat Salber of 
Personal health monitoring and meds compliance apps are all the rage.
OK, now we've outsourced Happy Hour. A shot from the press room window.
The only disappointment of the day was a session entitled "The Digital Doctors Lounge: Tools for Provider Workflow and Collaboration."

Seriously? Had zero to do with "workflow" and was a pretty fair stretch on the "collaboration" thing.

Did see a quick demo of an app, though, that purportedly uses "NLP" (Natural Language Processing) to data mine progress note narratives for billable items that may not have made it to the claims, for subsequent re-billing.

So, we now have EHRs that take in structured data and convert some of them to fake progress note open-ended text "narratives," but we'll now add an app that converts the stuff back to structured dx and px codes?



I'll be catching up all weekend filling in my narrative reflections. Had to be back at the office today.

Allscripts is here.

One of the better booths. The exhibits generally were not up to HIMSS, CES, (and the old COMDEX) snuff. Insufficient lighting was the norm.

Lygeia Ricciardi, ONC consumer eHealth Director

ONC State HIE Director Claudia Williams

Above: I am remiss. I have no notes on who this is. My Bad.
Jodi Daniels, Director, ONC Office of Policy and Planning

Much more to come...

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