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Monday, September 9, 2019

BREAKING: U.S. healthcare has been SOLVED!

I recently saw this on Facebook, so it must be true.
Meet the man who is disrupting the $8 TRILLION healthcare industry.

For years, health professionals have been doing their best to help people improve their health. Sadly, working “within the system” doesn’t pan out for many of them.

Insurance issues. Overwhelming amounts of admin. And some clients not willing to truly do what’s needed to improve their condition.

All of that, combined with little to no business or marketing education makes it tough for many health professionals to build thriving practices (online or offline).

But one man is changing this.

By equipping health professionals with a simple business model to predictably attract their ideal clients and serve them at a higher level without sacrificing their OWN time, happiness, or health in the process…

...Yuri Elkaim, founder of Healthpreneur®, is revolutionizing how health professionals are using the internet to grow their businesses.

After spending more than 7 years (and a lot of ups and downs) building his own health and fitness business to great heights - including helping more than 500,000 people to better health, writing a #2 New York Times bestselling book, building a Youtube channel to more than 284,000 subscribers, and a blog that gets close to 1 MILLION unique visitors per month…

Yuri quickly realized that following “common” advice for building a business - online or offline - simply doesn’t work as promised for health professionals.

The blogging, vlogging, endless social media, creating courses, word of mouth, and even writing books to get one’s “name out there” is a path to despair for many practitioners who would rather spend more of their time coaching and serving their clients rather than becoming internet marketers.

As a result, Yuri experimented with and eventually perfected a smarter, simpler, and faster way of getting more clients and building a leaner, more systemized coaching practice.

In fact, there are only 4 steps.

There’s no fancy tech, you don’t need a website, and you don’t even need an online following.

But you do need to have expertise and confidence to transform someone’s health.

And this week, Yuri is hosting a free online workshop where he’ll show you everything you need to know to put this simple 4-step blueprint to work to grow your business (without burning out in the process) within the next few months.

Grab your spot here right now:
Okeee-dokeee, then.

Go to that link, and this is all you see.

And, this is the concomitant URL that appears:
OK, back this part out:
And click the remaining

And you end up forthwith here, at

Spend some time watching their videos. Quality entertainment, that stuff. The jokes just write themselves.

Hmmm... OK, ""

Let's go there.
What is Healthpreneur and How Can It Help You?
Healthpreneur® is the industry-leading coaching and training company for health professionals who want to get more clients and scale their practices and coaching businesses, while deeply impacting their clients and providing the income and freedom to live an amazing life.

We do so by helping you implement and master 3 key areas – ATTRACT, CONVERT, and DELIVER (and the 9 “accelerators” within them) that allow you to build a “legacy”, not just a business.

Sign up today! Healthcare has been solved! Is this a great country or what?
(BTW, bro' it's closer to FOUR trillion $ this year, not "eight.")

The direct, transformative core relevance to the healthcare space could not be more obvious, right?


Wonder if "Yuri" and his peeps will be presenting at Heakth2con next week? A primo audience, I would think.


My latest Science Magazine issue just came in the mail. This book is therein reviewed. From the Amazon blurb: 
Do doctors really know what they are talking about when they tell us vaccines are safe? Should we take climate experts at their word when they warn us about the perils of global warming? Why should we trust science when our own politicians don't? In this landmark book, Naomi Oreskes offers a bold and compelling defense of science, revealing why the social character of scientific knowledge is its greatest strength—and the greatest reason we can trust it...
Ahhh... "science." Add another book to the pile.


Naomi's book will not be released until October 22nd. That is gonna make me crazy.

A bit more info:

“Naomi Oreskes’ research focuses on the Earth and environmental sciences, with a particular interest in understanding scientific consensus and dissent.”
to wit:

apropos, see my prior "Baltimore Code Red" post.

Indeed. And, is there in fact a "Science of deliberation?"

Well, I have a ton of other books to study 'til Naomi's book comes out, but, [bleep].


First, I asked Princeton University Press for a comp pre-pub review galley of Why Trust Science? and they gave me one. Extremely grateful. Stay tuned.
…As extreme weather events become more common, sea levels rise, and climate-induced migrations flow across borders, nations around the world confront mounting costs and humanitarian crises. Yet so-called experts do not always agree. A local television meteorologist may report that it is merely “some speculation from scientists” that global warming is contributing to extreme weather events, such as the “polar vortex” that hit the Upper Midwest and Northeast of the United States in late January 2019. On another channel, a scientist at a well-regarded research center insists that “we know why . . . . It’s all because of human activities increasing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere that trap a lot more heat down by the surface.”…

In Why Trust Science? Professor Naomi Oreskes provides clear and compelling answers to the questions of when and why scientific findings are reliable. She explains the basis for trust in science in highly readable prose, and illustrates her argument with vivid examples of science working as it should, and as it should not, on matters central to our lives. Readers will find here a vigorous defense of the trustworthiness of scientific consensus based not on any particular method or on the qualities of scientists, but on science’s character as a collective enterprise.

A distinguished scientist and historian of science, Professor Naomi Oreskes has also emerged as one of the world’s clearest and most influential voices on the role of science in society and the reality of man-made climate change…
[pp. 1-2]

Second, Dr. Oreskes is an author of a very interesting prior book:

"Now a powerful documentary from the acclaimed director of Food Inc., Merchants of Doubt was one of the most talked-about climate change books of recent years, for reasons easy to understand: It tells the controversial story of how a loose-knit group of high-level scientists and scientific advisers, with deep connections in politics and industry, ran effective campaigns to mislead the public and deny well-established scientific knowledge over four decades. The same individuals who claim the science of global warming is "not settled" have also denied the truth about studies linking smoking to lung cancer, coal smoke to acid rain, and CFCs to the ozone hole. "Doubt is our product," wrote one tobacco executive. These "experts" supplied it."

Next,  NBC News has announced the establishment of a "Climate Unit," and will run a "Climate in Crisis" series next week.

NBC News has created a new Climate Unit dedicated to covering the most important issues affecting the environment globally. As part of the Climate Unit's debut, NBC News, MSNBC, Telemundo and NBC News Digital will kick off "Climate in Crisis," a week-long series focused on climate issues, beginning Sunday, September 15.
For the series, Al Roker traveled to Kulusuk, Greenland where he flew with NASA on a first-of-its-kind Oceans Melting Greenland mission, which examined the role the ocean plays in melting glaciers. Roker spent days studying the climate's effect on Greenland's coastline. His reports will air throughout the week on TODAY.
Additionally, Lester Holt will travel to Alaska, where he lived as a child when his father served in the U.S. Air Force, to cover the impact of climate on the region's landscape. He will take an in-depth look at the effect of climate on Alaska's natural wonders, including the Portage Glacier, and he'll also explore the thawing Alaskan permafrost threatening communities. Holt's special segment will air on Nightly News Monday, September 16...

More to come...

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