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Thursday, November 14, 2019

Baltimore's unhappy YTD 300

Today is Day 317 of 2019, 300 murders within the city limits thus far YTD.

Draw a mental vertical line down from the "W" in "TOWSON" to just south of the northernmost black dot. That's where we now live. Homeland District just west of the 5400 block of York Road. Our affluent, bucolic Colonial and Tudor "Shire," a mere few blocks from random (and distressingly frequent) violent mayhem clusters.

Some locals get pissed when I allude to "The Wire" on social media apps such as (which can get episodically overpopulated with pearl-clutching melodramatists decrying their why-doesn't-somebody-(else)-DO-something? proximity to the Bmore "War Zone").

Whatever. I sometimes simply retort that I've raptly watched every episode of all 5 Wire seasons at least a dozen times (it has gritty veritas out the wazoo). Moved here anyway, to be close to my son and his fabulous Eileen. No regrets whatsoever.

Notwithstanding, today denotes a very sad YTD round number milestone, just shy of a murder a day. That's just within the city. Wonder what the aggregate metro tally is?


Just heard on CBS affiliate WJZ local news that the Baltimore city YTD tally of non-fatal shootings is 692. So, about 3 episodes of (mostly) gun violence per day in the aggregate. Ugh.

More to come...

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