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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The Covid19 pandemic appears to again be escalating

Current US Covid19 deaths are more than 216k (10/14), 21% of world fatalities from 4.3% of world population. Not having the underlying Hopkins data, I just dropped in some linear slope segments estimates by hand.

78 days to year's end. We could readily have 300k US fatalities by New Year's Day. "Pandemic fatigue" is not helping matters.


Link to the Biden-Harris plan here.

VOTE, on or before Nov. 3rd.


A disturbing NY Times OpEd (click the title, may be paywalled).
Alongside growing controversy over judicial nominations, court reform and Covid-19 policies, American law is in the midst of a little-noticed paradigm shift in courts’ treatment of public health measures.

The Republican Party’s campaign to take over the federal and state courts is quietly upending a long and deeply embedded tradition of upholding vital public health regulations. The result has been a radically novel and potentially catastrophic sequence of decisions blocking state responses to the coronavirus pandemic...
That led me to his book, which I've just started.

“Professor Witt’s book is an original and thoughtful contribution to the interdisciplinary study of disease and American law. Although he covers the broad sweep of the American experience of epidemics from yellow fever to COVID-19, he is especially timely in his exploration of the legal background to the current disaster of the American response to the coronavirus. A thought-provoking, readable, and important work.”—Frank Snowden, author of Epidemics and Society.
Stay tuned...

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