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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Will new SCOTUS Justice Amy Coney Barrett provide the Obamacare death vote?

SCOTUS will hear the latest Obamacare repeal case the week after the November 3rd election. The actual ruling will probably not come until many months thereafter.

For the record, that is not a literal quote, but an allusive snarky smack at her hardline "textualism" schtick.

I may have to write a new song, I guess. That one just tumbled out of my head in about 10 minutes the day SCOTUS upheld the PPACA in 2012.

Womens' reproductive rights are also now at significant risk, in light of Justice Barrret's "Personhood-at-Conception" views.


My old 2009 health policy reform posts on another of my blogs

Eleven years ago, when Obamacare was in the legislative oven (these posts likely have some "link rot" by now). I've been pondering this stuff for quite a while.

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