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Saturday, November 14, 2020

Buckle up and batten down, America

"Cases, Cases, Cases" continued...

Friday, Nov 13th, 184,514 new Covid19 cases reported by JHU.

1,579,137 new cases since Nov 1st.
I keep having to re-scale my Y-axis.

We're probably not far from new state-level lockdown orders. My Governor Hogan has already ordered new scale-back measures. We're approaching 250,000 US Covid19 deaths—most of them avoidable given a concerted federal public health response.

It's all getting really tiresome. For everyone, I'm sure.

COVID-19 Is Out of Control. What Can We Do?

We need a one-two punch to knock the virus down and then keep it down.

Thomas R. Frieden

Former director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The coronavirus is growing out of control. Deaths will likely increase to 2,000 people a day before the end of the year, and the virus will be with us for much of 2021 and possibly longer. Of the many failures of the outgoing administration’s handling of COVID-19, the most destructive has been its failure to communicate honestly and directly from the start. We can’t get our economy back on track and help millions of Americans emerge from extended crisis until we control the virus…

Good piece.

1,745,692 new US cases thus far in November (1st thru 14th). We're 4.3% of world population, with 20.2% of confirmed cases, and 18.5% of fatalities.


Of the visible-enough faces (13), I count one mask (and zero social distancing). Hashtag #MillionMoronMarch.



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