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Wednesday, November 11, 2020

"Cases, Cases, Cases..."

Our first peak of US daily Covid-19 cases was reported on July 16th, at 77,259 (per JHU). A 2nd peak was recorded on Nov 10th—136,325.

Yeah, Mr. President-Reject, "we're rounding the turn. It's going away."

Trump never passed up an opportunity to mockingly slam the media for reporting on "cases, cases, cases." If we simply didn't report it, the pandemic wouldn't exist.

Below: From my Excel sheet, JHU data commencing Oct 1st.

My state (Maryland) and city (Baltimore) are announcing new public gathering snd travel restrictions as the incidence rate continues to rise significantly. We're 4.3% of world population have have 20% of the cases and mortality.

244 daze since my last hoops game. Have to continue to hunker down, I guess.

Everyone, try to stay safe and well.


At some basic level, Americans do seem to agree that the coronavirus is a major threat. Despite attempts to politicize and divide us on the pandemic, we are at least united in anxiety. In September, a survey of almost 4,000 Americans found that only 12 percent disagreed with requiring masks in public. Fully 70 percent wanted the government to do more to protect people, and only 8 percent wanted it to do less.

Since then, though, the government under President Donald Trump has done less. The U.S. has suffered the most documented coronavirus deaths in the world, by far. The Trump administration has continued to downplay and ignore the virus as its spread has accelerated in almost every region of the country. On Wednesday, the U.S. shattered the world record for daily coronavirus cases by topping 100,000 for the first time—only to break the record again each subsequent day until a Saturday high of 128,000. Field hospitals and makeshift morgues are appearing around the country. Daily death counts have risen to more than 1,000...
...If the nation’s public-health and scientific communities assume that the appeal of a quack was some transient aberration—something that will end when Trump is out of office, and that can be remedied with yet more facts—then the Biden administration will fail to reach millions of Americans, no matter how soundly it recites statistics. Its warnings and mandates will go unheeded and become fodder for charismatic outsiders who tell people what they want to hear...
Round that turn, Donald.


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