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Thursday, July 8, 2021


Sadly, I'm not making that up.

Race. For something that "doesn't exist (scientifically-genotypically)," it sure persistently sucks all of the oxygen out of the sociopolitical air.
Below: Elsewhere in The Day in Stupid,

According to their poignant Lead Counsel John Coale, "Big Tech" are now explicitly "government actors," and there's nothing SCOTUS hates more than "prior restraint"—he cites, in unfortunate analogy, The Pentagon Papers case (uh, well, the DOJ plaintiffs lost that one, recall). Tilt.
Also noteworthy in that regard: irrespective of the "restraints" eventually imposed on Mr. Trump, none were "prior." They were all post-hoc reactive to his innumerable ToS violations, many of which went to implicit and explicit incitements to violence. Moreover, he was head of the government at the time of his sanctioning. How come he didn't simply order the social media "government actors" to abide his public "communications?"
Whatever. A patently obviously fundraising grift ploy in any event. 
The cartoonist apparently didn't get the irony. 

Click the title.

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