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Monday, July 12, 2021

Baked Alaska:

Our bright, glowing future?
Anthropocene global warming, my friends. Widespread persistent, worsening U.S. droughts. They are not "hoaxes."
I lived in Seattle 1968—1975. In the summers, high temperatures ever-so-rarely got to 80F. Two weeks ago they hit 107F. Las Vegas, where we lived 1992—2013, recently hit 117F. The entire western U.S. and Canada have been broiling. Wildfires are raging out of control.

So much for keeping it below 350 ppm.

...We are imposing a rate of change on the planet that has almost never happened before in geologic history, while largely preventing life on Earth from adjusting to that change.

Taking in the whole sweep of Earth’s history, now we see how unnatural, nightmarish, and profound our current experiment on the planet really is. A small population of our particular species of primate has, in only a few decades, unlocked a massive reservoir of old carbon slumbering in the Earth, gathering since the dawn of life, and set off on a global immolation of Earth’s history to power the modern world. As a result, up to half of the tropical coral reefs on Earth have died, 10 trillion tons of ice have melted, the ocean has grown 30 percent more acidic, and global temperatures have spiked. If we keep going down this path for a geologic nanosecond longer, who knows what will happen? The next few fleeting moments are ours, but they will echo for hundreds of thousands, even millions, of years. This is one of the most important times to be alive in the history of life.
An excellent, bracing long-read. Has an embedded audio v/o transcript (56 min). Very nice. You will likely need a drink after reading it.


Just finished the Sinatra-Hofer book. Sally Weintrobe's prior to that. Both highly recommended. Below, see also this book I'd cited a couple of years ago.

All of which go to informing the important discipline of "Science Communication."
NOTE: I routinely keyword/phrase search the books I study and cite here for core terms. Fundamental to science is "evidence." I have by now gotten a cumulative couple thousand hits for the word across these volumes. But, not yet a single definition. We all assume we mean the same thing, but then come to loggerheads over what it denotes during contentious issue debates (in science and beyond). I have spent a lot of time studying legal reasoning. I don't take much for granted. Pedantic, yeah, I know.

"Free speech" and all that. 


These come readily to mind. A good bit of multi-correlational overlap.
Global warming
Economic disruption
Academic turmoil
Social/racial justice upheaval
Threats to democracy
Firearms violence
Migration crises
Oh, and lest we overlook:
Britney Spears' conservatorship dispute
Ahem... Seriously, no shortage of major issues in need of sustained serious, rational, deliberative attention.

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