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Sunday, October 10, 2021

Disturbing applications of AI

"Synthetic Media"

I'm having a difficult time seeing much ethical upside potential here at first blush. Lucrative opportunities in spades, to be sure, as is noted in the 60 Minutes piece, but I am not thrilled at this news overall at this point. (See also "60 Minutes Overtime.")
“Historically, scientific and technological advances have provided opportunities for more evidence or have enhanced our ability to assess the reliability of evidence—but deepfake technology is different. The sophistication of this technology has made it difficult for attorneys, judges, and jurors to know whether to believe their own eyes.” — JDSupra
There's that word "evidence."  See also "Liar's Dividend."

Dunno. Forgive the underwhelmingness of my mollification thus far.  Particularly in light of that all too prevalent cognitive bane “confirmation bias.”

“Believing is seeing.”
A new book that has jumped my reading queue and cut to the head of the ever-busy line.


Goes to a long-held AI dubiety beef of mine.

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