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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Health 2.0 EDU Day

Off to a fine start. Great presentations thus far (including the opening keynote by Health 2.0 impresario Matthew Holt). Crappy lighting, though, and it's gotten uncomfortably cold.

Got here in about 75 minutes. There was essentially no traffic.

The salient question for this conference series, I suppose.
Deven McGraw of the Center for Technology and Democracy
Predrag “Pedja” Klasnja on effective design of "Behavioral Change Technology"
Ann Mond Johnson was simply fabulous. Great presentation
End of day round table.
The "geospatial technology" presentation was OK.
Seemed a bit "OK, what's new?" dated to me.
 OK, below, first time I ever encountered anyone wearing Google Glass. Beyond its current "conspicuous consumption" status, it's kinda creepy, as some critics have claimed. I sort of turned the tables on him.

...It's easy to see why the built-in camera on Glass is raising privacy concerns —even though smartphones already make it easy for people to take a photo or record video at almost any time in just about any situation. Google says Glass isn't that much different. The company has tried to minimize the chances of surreptitious photos or video being taken by ensuring a red light is visible whenever an image is being recorded.

Nevertheless, Glass has already been banned from gambling casinos, movie theaters and some bars to protect against cheating, copyright infringement and privacy intrusions...

CODA: Props to Robin Friedlander, MD. She ran a tight ship, adroitly keeping everyone on schedule.

More to come...

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