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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Health 2.0 2013 Day One. Lights, cameras, action!

An exciting day. Information overload. All of it good. A pulsing assemblage of incredibly smart, positive, enthusiastic, engaged people. Maybe we should pay to have them all shipped to DC to occupy Congress to actually get stuff done.

So, who do I run into first thing in the morning, at the Hospital Innovation Roundtable? My Sensei, Farzard Mostashari. Outgoing head of ONC (my former "big boss" during my REC tenure). Gracious and unflappable as ever. That made my day right at the outset.

Claudia Williams, ONC director of Health Information Exchange, and Farzad

None of us know what he'll do next. But, I have no doubt he'll do great things. The federal shutdown meant that he had to return to DC last night. Irritated that I won't get to pick his brain.

Below, another of my heroes is here, medical economist and author J.D. Kleinke.

One independent, iconoclastic thinker. this man. Some Kleinke pearls:
  • "There are only three kinds of economists. Those who can count and those who can't."
  • "ObamaCare is a radical expansion of the status quo."
Below, the cheerfully animated Missy Krasner of MorgenThaler lights up the crowd at DC to VC. I saw her later in the day and told her she could be doing great stand-up. She's a natural.

Much more to ponder and write up. Quick photo essay for now, gotta get ready to head back over to the convention center for Day Two.


More to come...

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