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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#health2con 10th annual conference Day One

A jam-packed, inspiring day. Myriad technical topics to reflect on and write up. But, below, the cut-to-the-chase emblematic slide that jumped right out to me.

That critical "connectivity" spans the gamut, from self bio-monitoring to the breadth of clinical medicine and community/social services resources. Virtually everything presented all day fits within those parameters.

Shot more than 120 photos. Will be triaging them all day as time permits. A few for now.

I'd intended to begin the day attending the 8 a.m. blockchain tech session, but instead went to Dr. Painter's "Intersection of Technology and Public Health" 4-hour forum. Glad I did.

Hope everyone has a great Day Two. Tweet me @BobbyGVegas if you want to chat up. Speaking of tweets...

LOL. No, I don't dig the guy. "Believe me."

Well, a ton of thoughts and photos to post, but, we gotta have our priorities... 


More to come...

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