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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Showtime! #health2con 10th annual conference

I could not be in a better mood this morning. We got our dog Jaco back yesterday after 12 days of numbing anguish over his getting loose and disappearing on September 13th. Jaco is safely home with my daughter, and I'm here at the Hyatt Regency onsite hotel at the Santa Clara Convention Center with my wife, who just returned from an intense week-long business trip to Israel. Not even a loud and obnoxious early morning hotel union protest out on the sidewalk could harsh my buzz (and, thank you, Hyatt staff for comping me the lattes as apology for the protest harangue).

As I noted on Facebook yesterday afternoon:
It's been a good day. My wife came home from overseas, my dog came back, and Tennessee beat Florida. I feel a country song coming on.
LOL. I been known to write a country song or two...

Cheryl and I lit into some maragritas and lemon drop martinis and chow at the hotel Evo bar last night, and got to have some nice chats with Health 2.0 co-founders Indu Subaiya and Matthew Holt, both of whom are utter delights.

Provider Symposium
The Provider Symposium is back again this year! This event will bring together hospital & other provider executives with innovators to tackle the biggest challenges facing health systems today.

To truly drive change in health care, innovation needs to occur at both an operational level as well as in the day-to-day workflow of clinical care. The symposium unites those worlds with classic Health 2.0 demos of the latest technology designed to improve the lives of these key stakeholders, as well as meaningful discussion anchored by case studies of pilots using new technology, or developing innovation within from forward-thinking institutions like Cedar-Sinai, UPMC and more! By gathering the right people, technologies, and systems into a single room, the Provider Symposium will foster debate and spark the exchange of ideas between the best minds from leading health care systems in an effort to change the face of health care as we know it...

Patients 2.0 at the 10th Annual Fall Conference
This year’s theme is Patient Match, where we discuss the resources and tools available for patients as they navigate their health journey from diagnosis to long-term care. The Patients 2.0 session is run by Patients and marshaled by Sarah Krug from the Society for Participatory Medicine...
"[I]nnovation needs to occur at both an operational level as well as in the day-to-day workflow of clinical care."

Indeed, which is why, aside from HIMSS and IHI conferences, I also cover The Lean Summits every year. Health 2.0 and Lean are my favorites, gotta say.

Gonna be a great day. My cameras are fully charged and ready to rock. Still ruminating on the myriad implications of "thinking about jobs, education, healthcare, and tech." And, Gerd Leonhard's "digital obesity" amid the broad and deep panoply of health space issues I continue to chew on here at KHIT.

Hope to meet a bunch of you here today and this week. My Twitter handle is @BobbyGvegas.


I should note this USC Center for Health Journalism webinar coming up on Thursday.

I've signed up. Recall my reviews of Ann Neumann's book "The Good Death" here and here.

News item. I searched Google news for "Health 2.0." This popped up:
Insiders: Silicon Valley is blowing its chance to ride the silver tsunami
By Dan Diamond


Health care is being swamped by the so-called silver tsunami: 10,000 seniors are turning 65 and becoming Medicare-eligible every day. But rather than ride the wave, investors in Silicon Valley and elsewhere are too focused on the shallower pool of younger, healthier Americans.
That's according to health care IT leaders and thinkers who participated in POLITICO's health IT advisory forum this week...
And, get off my lawn!


Are we finally getting to or at the uptick elbow of the Health IT innovation traction Hockey Stick curve. Last year at this time I mused on "Free Beer Tomorrow" - "Transforming the Healthcare System."


Stage lighting at Health 2.0 is generally fine, but today's pre-conference symposium day lighting was a bit weak (yes, I'm a lighting snob; come by it honest). While they continue to know that they should deploy overhead backlighting (unlike my friends at the Lean Healthcare Summits), the Front-of-House spot trees this time were inadequate. Makes for grainier, oversaturated photos. Nonetheless...

Below, the busiest guy in the ballroom. We ran long. It was way worth it.

My running joke with Matthew Holt.


 I took pretty good notes on the day. More later. Fixin' to go to the Redox reception shortly.


Community Health Center Network and Welkin Health Partner to Improve Health Outcomes for Bay Area's Most At-Risk Populations
Health 2.0, with the support of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, to award grant to develop complex case management platform for underserved populations

Community Health Center Network (CHCN), a non-profit public benefit corporation, and Welkin Health, a San Francisco-based digital health company specializing in patient relationship management, have partnered to develop a complex case management platform to elevate the success of CHCN’s Care Neighborhood program. The innovative program addresses and supports the health needs of the East Bay’s most at-risk and underserved populations through consistent patient outreach by Community Health Workers (CHWs) embedded in the CHCN health centers.

Selected as one of three national finalists for Health 2.0’s Technology for Healthy Communities initiative, a project supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Welkin Health will develop a complex case management platform for CHCN. Emphasizing strong patient coaching and data-driven insights, the platform will help CHCN health centers streamline communication efforts between patients and CHWs, increasing engagement, reducing costs and leading to improved long-term health outcomes for patients. It will also aggregate patient data from EHR systems and claims databases to provide CHWs with optimal clinical decision support, increasing efficiency and the ability to track health improvements of enrolled patients over time.

The platform will launch at three CHCN health centers in the Alameda County with a goal to eventually expand to support Care Neighborhood programs at all eight health centers that are members of the network...

More to come...

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