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Thursday, September 29, 2016

#health2con 10th annual conference final day

Beginning with the end in mind...

The view on the 680 heading north toward Pleasanton on my way back home to Antioch. Ugh.

The conference wrapped about 4 minutes early, at about 3:11 pm. I'd planned to maybe just hang at the hotel until after rush hour, but, I thought 'hey, a quick dash through the restroom, out the side door by the ballroom, right to my van in the parking lot. I can do this.' I was pulling out of the Hyatt parking lot straight away, up to the 237 eastbound on-ramp. Traffic was heavy. but moving.

Momentarily up on the flyover onto the northbound 880...

'Oh, shit...'

Up ahead, a parking out. Multiple ambulances, tow trucks, and fire trucks, blue and red lights flashing.

Well, after, I crawled past that mess, the NPR KQED Traffic Alert advised me of a "multiple vehicle crash in Milpitas on the 880."

OK, off on Mission, over to the 680. Crawling again. 15-20 mph. Bladder, don't fail me now...

Next decision: given that I've lost my mo', do I really want to get in the always-brutal Walnut Creek to Concord area 680 pm rush hour mess?

Bail to the 580 eastbound at Pleasanton. Traffic heavy but moving in the 60's. Cool.

Off at Vasco Road at Livermore to run up the back way to Brentwood and home in nearby south Antioch.

Head north across the 580 bridge. Portable digital road sign advises "Construction delays, 9-28, 9-29, 9 am - 4 pm." Yeah, the iPhone map app is showing red in the area.


My daughter fussed at me for not using Waze (she's an addict; she' can't go to the grocery store without launching it).

Like, what alternatives would there have been? None.

Finally home after 3 hours. Only about 60 miles via the Vasco Road route. Whatever, I'm home. Pour some Cabernet. Jaco is glad to see me. And, likewise.

I will never lose sight of our luckiness in getting him back. Cheryl found him in July 2003 at the Jones and 95 freeway on-ramp in Vegas, just a freaked-out puppy about to get killed by traffic. He's been our delightfully goofy "puppy" ever since (the name "Jaco" is in honor of the late bassist Jaco Pastorius). Our gratitude to the young man who collared him and turned him in to Animal Control cannot be overstated.

Next up, shopping a GPS signal smartphone-enabled collar for him. Not goin' through this anguish again. And, a trip to the vet for a post Jaco-on-the-lam assessment (he's 14 and is on a kidney Rx diet).

So, I have about 400 shots to review and triage (ive; thus far only posted a handful), and copious session notes on which to reflect and write up. Gonna be at it a while, bear with me. Keep checking back. Tomorrow I gotta get back on my weekly volunteer shift, so I may be into the weekend recounting the Health 2.0 Conference.

Meanwhile, I could not recommend more highly that you obtain and read Gerd Leonhard's intriguing tech futurism book "Technology vs Humanity." Also, Brett King's "Augmented: life in the fast lane."

To reiterate what for me is the thematic, cut-to-the-chase #health2con takeaway slide:


More to come...

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