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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Caregivers/caregiving update. Alexandra Drane in the news.

Saw this on Twitter today, posted by my friend the fabulous Alexandra Drane.


Because there are a lot of them (44 million to be exact)

Because the work they do is incredibly valuable (the value of their unpaid labor is $470 billion)

Because their lives are hard (twice the likelihood of developing chronic illness, twice the rate of depression, over twenty hours a week providing care for their loved one)

Because they could use some support (84% report negative impact to their state of mind)

And it’s in our DNA…

Co-founded by Alexandra Drane, a hustling bootstrapper, ARCHANGELS has a lot of heart, a lot of hope, and a ferocious commitment to changing the world. ARCHANGELS believes that caregivers are our country's unsung heroes, that under-utilized resources exist to support them, and that retail is the front line of health. Our goal is to be the trusted resource to support caregivers throughout the US, and, in the process, reframe how caregivers are perceived, and supported. ARCHANGELS is a nationwide effort that leverages the retail channel as a way to identify, thank, and support caregivers by connecting them to the caregiver infrastructure that already exists, but that most caregivers don't know about.

We are in the process of figuring out how to best change the world - check back, or check in (

Cool logo.

Recall my earlier post "Caregiver and  nascent care recipient."

I have to see how I can help this effort -- once I recover from my upcoming I-can-hardly-wait SAVR px, after which my wife will get to yet again don the caregiver mantle through 6-8 weeks of post-op recovery. She is really worn out.


One more in the endless book pile.

David Graeber rocks. The wry humor is a delight. The scholarship is as well. I have all of his books.

Excellent book review here.



More to come...

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