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Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Factfulness: Hans Rosling's new book.

I have long liked the statistical data visualization work of (the now sadly late) Hans Rosling.

My wife informed me of his recent book this morning.

I ordered the hardcopy via my Amazon Prime. Will probably also get the Kindle edition, once I clear some of my current huge reading pile.

This is painful for me to read:
When he was 20, in 1968, doctors told Rosling that there was something wrong with his liver and as a consequence he stopped drinking alcohol. In 1989, Rosling was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Over the years this progressed and Rosling developed liver cirrhosis. In the beginning of 2013 he was in early stages of liver failure. However, at the same time new hepatitis C drugs were released and Rosling went to Japan to buy the drugs needed to cure the infection. He expressed concerns in the media over the restricted use of the new drugs due to high costs, stating that it is a crime not to give every person with hepatitis C access to the drugs.

A year after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, Rosling died in Sweden on 7 February, 2017 at the age of 68.
Pancreatic cancer, ugh.


The never-ending book pile accrual.

Stay tuned.

More to come...

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