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Saturday, June 23, 2018

Ethics, Values, and Technological Design, continued

Continuing from my prior post. Still slogging through the Springer online review template. Have to say, it's a bit of a disappointment, both in terms of the sluggo template architecture and useful content I'd hope to find. I have a top-of-the-line 27" iMac with buku memory and the latest OS, and, stil, scrolling through this template recalls watching paint dry.

Some topical snips.

If you're looking for timely and useful info on improving health care DigiTech UX broadly to include the needs of all stakeholders, meh... The short "Faber College" take:
"Values Inclusivity is Good."
I may keep perusing it as time permits, but I gotta move on.


Have to say, I'm liking this very much thus far, notwithstanding its partisan tonal CATO free-market-panacea slant, and some of the Irony-Free Zone chuckles that stuff sometimes provokes.

As a patient now, (yet again) caught up the the bozo maelstrom of the biz side of things, I can relate to a lot of the Crazy they cite. Can't wait to see the absurd Chargemaster EoB accounting fictions emanating from Tuesday's K40.90 abdominal scope job.

I left my glasses case at home. Had to surrender my glasses at pre-op prior to the gurney ride to the OR. They gave me this nifty little nerd pocket clip soft case.

Bar-coded, 'eh? Wonder what that gross charge will be, LOL. $98? $274? $325.82?...

On June 1st I had a coronary angiogram px, preparatory to my pending SAVR.

Click to enlarge
The "chargemaster" total came to $37,635.04. Medicare paid $2667.09. I was on the hook for $1,209.44 (paid it already, out of our HSA account). Total paid was $3,876.73, just a tad more than 10% of (mythical) gross "retail".

I was in the cath lab unit for about 4 hours total. Just shy of $1k/hr. Reasonable?

Stay tuned.

More to come...

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