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Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Coming soon, the 2018 Health 2.0 Annual Conference

Indu and Matthew, 2017 Conference
In my email inbox today.
Hello there!

With our flagship Fall Conference just three weeks away, we’re getting very excited to see you there! Health 2.0 is where accountability reigns and truth gets a platform. Our community of health care rabble rousers continues to raise the bar and create a global movement of innovation. With our signature candor, we promise to highlight the big ideas and untangle the tough questions. This year we’ll be asking each other and all of you…
1. Matthew: Is this the year the bubble bursts? 
Indu: Maybe it’s not a bubble.  Maybe this is exactly the level of investment we need to get to the change and real value creation we need.  I’m bullish.

Matthew : Maybe to change a $3.5 trillion industry, it’s not enough….yet. Could use a few more IPOs though….
2. Indu: Is blockchain BS?
Matthew: Well my bitcoin is down 50% since I boasted to you how rich I was in January! But Deloitte says 75% of health care execs say their understanding of blockchain is “excellent,” 39% say it’s in their top 5 priorities but only 11% say they are deploying blockchain somewhere in their enterprise. I actually think that’s quite high!
3. Indu: Is everyone just giving value-based care lip-service? A survey by the American Medical Group Association in 2015 showed that payments from commercial payers were still heavily Fee for Service, 78%. And another 2016 survey showed that only 43% of physicians’ compensation is tied to quality or value!
Matthew: Well I did a survey on this very topic in 1997 at the height of the managed care revolution--only about 10% was NOT fee for service then. So we have seen some change.
Indu: Not enough.
4. Indu: Will Blue Button 2.0 move the needle forward?  
Matthew: Still not sure what was wrong with Blue Button 1.0! But nearly 1,000 developers are using the CMS sandbox and insurers are participating in the CARIN Alliance. As Stephen Stills sang, "there’s something happening here…”
5. Indu: Is Seema Verma correct that the end of the fax machine is near?
Matthew: Not per my last experience with my kid’s pediatrician...but I’m hopeful. She did say 2020.
6. Matthew: Is Amazon’s health care takeover our golden ticket?  
Indu: Depends on what you mean by “our?”  I don’t think Amazon is going to kill the digital health tech market, if anything I think it enriches the market with new supply chains and a new standard for customer experience and competition. I do think it stands to hurt health systems.  But health systems have had lots of lead time to respond and consolidation in that sector hasn’t helped cost structures or outcomes.  So what else could they be doing? Come to the conference and find out ;)

Matthew: I agree with all that, but you did say “digital health”. Grrr.
7. Matthew: Will free medical school actually alleviate the global physician shortage and encourage the right kind of physician experience?
Indu: No, but it’s a start. We have to humanize the experience of training and practicing so clinicians don’t burn out.
Matthew: Like you did?
Indu: If I hadn’t left medicine, we wouldn’t be working together!
Matthew : So I’m responsible for humanizing you? Or hasn't that happened yet?
8. Matthew: Is the Opioid epidemic a data problem or a social one?
Indu: Yes. But seriously, we have an incredible segment on this on the Unacceptables. Basically complex problems require ecosystem solutions and technology can be the connective tissue here.
 9. Matthew: How are the dinosaurs of old school care delivery adapting to tech disruptors?
Indu: They’re turning into birds!
10. Indu: Is digital health dead?
Matthew: The term digital health is the zombie I can’t quite kill!
We’re not new, and it takes a lot to impress us. Now in our 12th season, with a close eye on trends and a heavy hand in curation we’ve set the stage for another class of investments, partnerships, and launches to bring you into 2019 and beyond.
Join us this September 16-18 in Santa Clara. As a friend of ours, feel free to use the code VIP for $200 off! We can’t wait to see you there.

Indu Subaiya & Matthew Holt


THE Health IT event of the year.
I will miss you all this year. My post-op recovery is going along pretty well, but I doubt I'll be up to attending.

More to come...

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