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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

My cardiac surgeon

I had my first follow-up office visit today in the wake of my SAVR px. All signs looking good. I asked Dr. Veeragandham whether he would mind my citing him here on the blog. I didn't want to presume. He gave me the green light.

I owe my life to this man and his team at John Muir Cardiovasular Institute (inclusive of the support teams staffing the ICI and PCU).

As I was in pre-op on the 23rd, someone remarked, "oh, you got the A Team."

No exaggeration. Not one whit. Back in June when I had my hernia px, my anesthesiologist said of Dr. V., without hesitation, "if I needed to have something done, he'd be my guy."

I asked Dr. V. about "pumphead." He replied convincingly to not worry about it. I joked "how would I even know? I stay confused as it is."

He also told me I'd be OK to drive again in another week (I'm in no hurry).

You gonna need cardiac surgery? You simply can't do any better, IMO. Both in terms of technical skills and effusive beneficent humanity.
I just filled out my Press-Gainey. Gave 'em all high marks.
Some prior posts alluding to my SAVR anticipation and experience here.

SHORTLY: SEPT 16TH - 18TH, 2018
THE Health IT event of the year.
Worth every penny.

apropos of the Conference and "innovation," a book I just finished.

Nicely done. More ASAP

More to come...

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