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Thursday, September 13, 2018


"This volume presents a comprehensive overview of the science and application of the Exposome through seventeen chapters from leaders in the field. At just over ten years since the term was coined by Christopher Wild in 2005, this is the first, field-defining volume to offer a holistic picture of the important and growing field of Exposomics. 

The term “Exposome” describes the sum of all exposures (not only chemical) that an individual can receive over a lifetime from both exogenous sources (environmental contaminants, food, lifestyle, drugs, air, etc.) and endogenous sources (metabolism, oxidative stress, lipid peroxidation, chemicals synthesized by the microbiome, etc.). The first section of this book contains chapters that discuss how the Exposome is defined and how the concept fits into the fields of public health and epidemiology. The second section provides an overview of techniques and methods to measure the human Exposome. The third section contains methods and applications for measuring the Exposome through external exposures. Section four provides an overview on statistical and computational techniques- including big data analysis - for characterizing the Exposome. Section five presents a global collection of case studies."
 A.K.A. (or closely related to) "epigenomics?" How about "HGT?" (Horizontal Gene Transfer). Where does that fit? Related to "the Upstream?" 

And, again how will all of this fit into the exam room / bedside patient encounter in the "productivity treadmill" front-line world?

 Got onto this topic via STATnews:

From the moment of conception onward, genes control our development and health. But they don’t do it alone. The exposome — all the internal and external chemical exposures we experience during the course our lives — influences, for better or worse, the genes and proteins they code for. A better understanding of the exposome, a concept still in its infancy, will help identify how nongenetic factors influence biological reactions and possibly the development of chronic diseases...

AGAIN: SEPT 16TH - 18TH, 2018

THE Health IT event of the year.
Be there. I will hate to miss this. Applied for my usual press pass. Never heard back, but, it's likely moot, given my post-op convalescence (which is proceeding apace, thought the daily conference schlep might be a bit much for me at this point).

More to come...

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