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Sunday, January 13, 2019

Speaking of a "National Emergency"

We have a fake "emergency" and a real one.
The signals are blaring: Dramatic changes to our climate are well upon us. These changes — we know thanks to a steady drumbeat of alarming official reports over the past 12 months — could cripple the U.S. economy, threaten to make vast stretches of our coastlines uninhabitable, make basic food supplies scarce and push millions of the planet’s poorest people into cities and across borders as they flee environmental perils.
All is not yet lost, we are told, but the demands of the moment are great. The resounding consensus of scientists, economists and analysts tells us that the solution lies in an unprecedented global effort to immediately and drastically drop carbon emissions levels.,,

See my prior posts on Climate Change. See also my post setting forth Trump's incoherent denials.


From The Atlantic:
"Are We Living Through Climate Change's Worst Case Scenario?"
STATnews update:
"Climate change is affecting health now. Our leaders must take action"
BTW, I guess we could cite a 2nd real national emergency -- #RussianAssetInTheWhiteHouse.



More to come...

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